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Instrumentation & Measurement

Knowledgeable and experienced people and competitive rates differentiate us as one of the top E&I providers in western Canada. Our low turnover rate has allowed us to attract and retain people with above-average experience and backgrounds in technical trades.
Our adherence to the highest industry standards ensures we use and maintain the best equipment available on the market today to get the job done right.

Our Services Are

  • PNG017 compliant measurement processes and products to help minimize your risk of non-compliance
  • Assistance with initiating and operating the Enhanced Production Audit Program (EPAP)
  • Onsite liquid and gas meter calibrations and maintenance
  • Tank gauging & level measurement
  • Shop liquid meter calibrations
  • PLC program development and maintenance
  • SCADA services
  • Wellhead automation/VFD maintenance and optimization
  • Installation and construction
  • NIST-certified calibration equipment
  • Journeyman instrumentation and electrical personal
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Battery alarm and shutdown checks/calibrations
  • Gas head calibration
  • OEM factory trained technologists

Our ISO 9001:2015 quality management system gives you peace of mind that these services are provided in a manner that is both compliant and competent to meet or exceed your expectations.